Business development

Successful companies and organizations deliver products with the right quality, at the right time and at the right cost. To achieve this, a business is required that can be constantly further developed with regard to the customers changing needs.

Front End Strategy helps companies and organizations to analyze customer needs and existing working methods, organization, skills and IT systems to identify the efficiencies needed to better satisfy customer needs. Front End Strategy also helps to introduce the efficiencies of customers by, for example, acting as active coaches.


Front End Strategy has helped companies and organizations to further develop in areas such as:
• Product development
• Customer service
• Patient care
• System development

International developments place increased demands on interoperability between businesses. These requirements for interoperability have led to an increased interest in methods and tools that support this development. Examples of international initiatives in the area are the development of common descriptive methods for business architectures (important parts of a company / organization: visions, business goals, processes, organization, competencies, IT resources). Results from this development can be found e.g. i TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), MODAF (Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework), NAF (NATO Architecture Framework), FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework).

Front End Strategy has helped companies and organizations to develop descriptions of complex business systems in order to support analysis and development of the entire business system.

Front End Strategy has expertise and many years of practical experience of:
• Training in the Enterprise Architecture Framework
• Development of strategies and implementation plans as well as support for the implementation of various Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
• Coaching and methodological support in the implementation of projects that use Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
• Customization of tools for Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
• Development of system descriptions with the support of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks