Available functions

Our main functions are created according to customer requirements and requests. It is always possible to further develop the product according to specific requirements and wishes. Below is a brief description of the features that comes with the standardversion.

· Time-based planning
· Radio network planning
· Calculation of radio path
· Frequency planning
· Possible link calculations
· Calculation of radio coverage
· Planning of gateway and transit connections
· Configurable equipment
· Frequency conflict calculations for radio links
· Simultaneous planning of several users
· Management of planning status
· Management of equipment resources
· Supports a wide range of geographic data formats

Types of communication equipment supported
· Analog VHF and UHF radio
· HF radio
· Digital radio link with fixed frequency
· Radio link with frequency hopping
· Digital VHF radio
· Comrod Family of CAPAS rotators and mast control systems


New in TCT 3.5
· Planning for alternative scenarios
· Planning LTE networks
· Calculations for automatic and background drawing for radio networks
· Multi-user support for distributed planning
· Role-based planning based on various functions for users and only access to a certain part of the network planning
· Project views for different aspects of planning
· Ad-hoc network support
· Line-of-Sight analysis and planning for satellites
· Network monitoring
· Adjust calculations for output power