Swedish Armed Forces: Development of methods for Capability Engineering. Development of a portal for Capability Engineering.

Swedish Defence Material Administration: Many different projects focusing on for example: Enterprise Architecture development, modelling and simulation, business process modelling, requirements engineering, procurement support.

Swedish Maritime Administration: A study to optimize the location of pilot offices in relation to harbours and boats.

Swedish Coast Guard: Study of the optimal information exchanges between Swedish Coast Guard, Swedish Armed Forces and the police forces.

Swedish Police: Comparison of ISO/IEC 15288 Systems Engineering Life Cycle Processes and Rational Unified Process.

Nokia: Support in introduction of a new production process.

ABB: Support in introduction of a new development process.

SAAB:Development of Enterprise Architecture Model and use of simulation to investigate pros and cons of organisational changes. Test support in development of support systems for advanced aerospace systems.

Bombardier: Support in introduction of new development process.

Volvo Penta: Business process development through use of EA and modelling and simulation to make the production lines more efficient.

Together with some of our partners we have also performed projects with: