Front End Strategy is a reseller of MooD

MooD Software is a large-scale data visualisation platform, designed to bring dispersed systems together into a single, coherent working model, for optimal management and future planning.

It creates a living digital model of your operations, enabling you to see everything through one streamlined pane, so you can identify the root causes of inefficiency and surface undetected issues.

MooD Software is trusted by government, defence and private sector organisations including the RAF, the Royal Navy and Jaguar Land Rover to connect and digitise operations, optimise budget use, and provide a foundation for fast, informed decision-making.

Large organisations have a critical dependency on IT infrastructure and systems. But there’s often a gap in understanding between systems engineers, solution designers and architects and commercial and business decision-makers. Complex technology architecture and system design can be hard to explain in business terms. By using MooD to make sense of complex business challenges, you can align everything you do to your mission.

MooD Software allows stakeholders around the business to gain insight from architecture and design content. It creates accessible visualisations and process maps that relate complex technology systems to the business outcomes they support. The approach saves time and money in modelling, identifying, validating and managing an architecture that delivers directly and accurately against strategic and operational objectives

Non-technical managers can participate in the architecture and design process, working collaboratively to create system design that supports operational and commercial business needs and priorities. With an easy-to-use query engine (no coding or scripting knowledge required) users can interrogate models to answer a multitude of business questions, providing assurance and evidence of design rigour and security. These queries can be represented as power matrices, aggregation calculations or charts to provide decision-making insight.