Do you have a IT problem, do you need  a new Software solution? 
We have 20 years of experience in delivering robust software solutions and technical as well as operational knowledge of the highest level. Achieve your business goals with technology and get the product that is well adapted to your environment. 

Front End Strategy utilizes international standards and de facto standards in the development of IT systems (eg ISO / IEC 15288 Systems and software engineering – System life cycle processes, RUP, SysML, XP) and advanced support tools (eg IBM Rational, Visual Studio , DevOps, Carmenta Engine, SQL Server).

We offer a proffesionally tailord solution 
Front End has extensive experience in the field of software development.
We offer workshops with all your key stakeholders, gathering requirements and design of a full solution with a roadmap for delivery.

Projects and experience
C#, C/C++
.NET /C#.
.NET Framework.
UML modelling